Efram Wolff was born in Los Angeles,  California.   In the early 1970’s Wolff was active as an illustrator.  Publications included  Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine West,  counter-culture newspaper, The Oracle, and various record covers, among them Motown and Contemporary Records.


 His parents both left their birthplace, Berlin, in the early 1930’s.  His father, Kurt Egon Wolff, had organized and directed Cabaret Ping Pong which appeared in Germany and Holland until Nazi persecution ended it.


 European heritage and early visits there resulted in Wolff moving to Europe in the 1970’s.  During this time, he worked as an artist, etching printer, and instructor in etching and lithography (Switzerland, Holland and Italy).


 Upon his return to the United States, Wolff established a printmaking studio in the Los Angeles area, later relocating to Vashon Island in Washington state.   In addition to printmaking, Wolff works in bronze, and various painting & drawing mediums.